On why /r/buttcoin exists


The fact that /r/buttcoin is so active is a topic that I believe deserves careful analysis.

There isn’t an active anti-gold subreddit. Or even an active anti-silver, anti-bank, or anti-dollar subreddit. Nothing which has the sophistication and user base of /r/buttcoin at least.

Actually, I can find no anti subreddit which has had as much ingenuity, creativity, and thought put into it as /r/buttcoin. It looks professionally done and has quite a few active, dedicated participants.

So why does it exist?

In late 2012 Chris Duane was spreading his ideology that Bitcoin was a scam. To only buy his silver products instead. /r/buttcoin reminds me of this time.

Like Chris Duane, someone, or something, is scared. Very scared. And they have created an army.

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