[Bitcoin Today] Special Edition: Tipping Tuesday, November 04, 2014!


Please read the following guidelines closely before proceeding:

  • Add the word ‘private’ to each tip to keep threads tidy.
  • All tips of any size are welcome in this thread.
  • If you don’t want to tip or be tipped, you should just steer clear.
  • Share anything notable that people will find tip-worthy, even bitcoin questions.
  • Please don’t use throwaway accounts. Have some decency!
  • Show us your custom monikers! But please, keep them tasteful and safe for work.
  • This isn’t about collecting tips. It’s about giving tips.

Here’s some general tipping etiquette to get the most out of your tips:

  • Do your very best to make tips of notable amounts. It’s just better that way.
  • If somebody clearly does not want to be tipped, do not tip them, even as a joke.
  • Do not engage in drive-by tipping sprees. Instead, share some insight, then leave a tip at the end.
  • Different communities have different minimum tip standards.
    1. All tip amounts are welcome in /r/ChangeTip and /r/BitTippers. Go subscribe!
    2. In /r/Bitcoin, we need to aim for at least 100 bits, but preferably more like $.25 or $1.00, or even more.
    3. When tipping anywhere else on reddit, I cannot stress enough how important it is to tip at least $1.00, because any less will almost always leave a bad impression since they’re most likely not accustomed to microtransactions.

Now that we’re all all on the same page, let’s have some fun! And remember: TIP IT FORWARD!

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