PayPal keynote happening now


Hill Ferguson chief product officer

Bitcoin was mentioned very early.

NFC penetration with big shout outs to Google

Payments online are too cumbersome.

Consumer and identity convergence.

Pumping pay after delivery. (that’d mesh well with BTC…)

Now available in the US

Payments are sexy. No BTC announcement.


Lots of people broke for the door. They’re visibly shook by that. Doing a history of money thing now. Going through the periodic table for what could be a viable money. It’s awful right now.

They’re trying to explain BTC strengths without saying Bitcoin.

This is torture. People are filing out. They’re reading off slides verbatim. Now they’re defining the Internet…

Explaining transfer of value via the Internet problem. Even this crowd has a basic BTC knowledge at this point.

Now jumping to pegged sidechains More people leaving. Very awkward and kind of falling apart on stage.

Jumped again to machine to machine transactions. No flow. Very fragmented.

I’d wager that about half of the room has left.

Now app coins enable artificial intelligence… What? This is not what we need at a payments conference…

Futuristic speed coins that pay other cars to move out of the way. Even I’m confused. I was hoping to hear about the etf but we might as well be on Neptune at this point.

They’re trying and I feel bad but this is rough

That’s it! Wow what a bomb.

Hahaha I can’t believe what I just saw.

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