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Hello all,

We have been working hard at and are pleased to announce some new things.

  1. You can now buy gift cards for and via pockio. We have a number of additional cards to roll out for these countries and also a number of other EU countries to roll out with over the coming weeks.
  2. A lot of new cards for the UK have been added (now 175 in total) with some great big brand shops amongst some smaller, niche vendors. Check out the full list here.
  3. We have been working on cutting the order wait time down a lot and are now in a position to process orders after just 1 confirmation on the bitcoin network meaning that your cards will be with you much sooner.
  4. The checkout flow has been simplified drastically to make things even easier for our customers.

It is worth noting that our Steam and Skype cards work worldwide for anyone outside of the UK.

Thank you all for the support and feedback you have given us over the year. We’re really happy we can help bridge the gap with bitcoin acceptance. If you have any questions, ask away either here or via

We have a bunch more exciting things to roll out in the coming months that will hopefully dazzle and amaze, but mainly provide a lot of utility and value for our wonderful customers. Thank you once again!

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