CNN Money came into my family-owned restaurant in midtown Manhattan yesterday. They were doing a segment on bitcoin and wanted to film the magic.


I was very surprised to hear my dad tell me that a producer from CNN Money came into our small mid-eastern restaurant in Chelsea yesterday and shot a small segment on bitcoin. I wasn’t there at the time but they basically just wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to transact in bitcoin and how its becoming increasingly popular with merchants in NYC.

Dad says they were very polite and he had a wonderful time hosting them. They bought about 30 bucks worth of food and paid in bitcoin, so we thank them for that.

If your wondering, we use Bitpay as our payment processor– so props to them for simplifying this process for people like my dad– yes my 60-year old dad actually knew how to take their coins coincidentally enough I taught him 2 days prior lol.

I just wanted to say that I find it amazing that we just recently started accepting bitcoin since june of this year and bitcoin-related purchases has definitely increased in the past month or so. I am seeing it go mainstream before my eyes. Truly exciting times.

They said they would send my dad a link when it airs, I’m looking forward to seeing how exactly they will be portraying bitcoin. If anyone’s interested in seeing it just PM and I’ll get back to you asap.


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