I finally have 1 Bitcoin


I wanted to get into bitcoin a few years back. I looked into it (Mt. Gox) but I didn’t understand it one bit. I had no idea how to buy it (I think a coin was like 2 cents).

A few months back I heard Andreas Antonopoulos on Joe Rogan and thought I’d look into it again. Bitcoin was coming off it’s $1000 high and was somewhere around $600.

With the help of /r/bitcoinbeginners I managed to buy some coin ($20). Set up a wallet, set up a second wallet, transfer coins around. Get tipped and tip back. I still feel like I know nothing but I have a bit of experience and things just seem to be getting easier and easier as there is more and more adoption.

Each week on payday I would add another $20. So now I’ve finally got 1 whole bitcoin. I haven’t done the math but I probably payed about $400-$450 for it when it’s all figured out.

So this is just the beginning for me. Thanks to this whole community, without it I wouldn’t be involved with Bitcoin at all.

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