Just got tipped! Thanks for spreading love and for getting me hooked on a new interest. Here a gift for y’all!


I’m a indie singer/songwriter that run my own label and someone just tipped me in Bitcoins trough my videos on YouTube! How awesome is this! I had not really heard about Bitcoin before this week and now I’m really excited to find out more about it and how I can use this on my homepage and maybe on live shows?.

I just released a tipping system on my webpage for my fans so they can tip me trough PayPal. But this just seems so much smoother… I will try to inform my fans how to use ChangeTip and add it to the tipping page also.

As a BIG thanks to this community and to the developers of ChangeTip and Bitcoin I want to give you all a free album. I made a BitTorrent Bundle with my latest album for y’all here: http://ift.tt/1GwVVbQ

Keep spreading the love and technology!!!

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from Bitcoin http://ift.tt/1pvj4Gu


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