Robbed in Colombia by 6 kids with machetes


So im I hitchhiking through Central and South America and last Sunday night I was sleeping on the side of the road when I heard foot steps and whispering right next to me. So I stood up quickly, but they were determined . I noticed right away their throaty slangy Spanish and then I saw the small machete aimed for my gut. They took off my glasses, and I couldnt see anything, plus it was really dark. Then they took everything I owned. I managed to take off with my sleeping bag up the road, where I flagged down a taxi. It brought me to town where I found the Colombian authorities who then brpught me to the scene of the crime. There I found my backpack, passport, paper backups off my bitcoins, a pair of jeans, and my first aid kit. Nothing else did they leave. They got my phone with some bitcoin on coinbase who I emailed the next day and they put my account in security hold. I just got a new phone yesterday and moved all my bitcoin out of my old phone into my new one. Backed up and ready to roll. This was one of the most horrible experiences of my life, but having bitcoin was a huge victory. In spite of my loss I feel I have gained.

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