2014 Bitcoin Black Friday will be HUGE!


Today we are proud to announce the launch of BitcoinDiscounts.net! Like anyone who loves Bitcoin we are very excited about this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday so we designed our site (for now) to gather the best (if not all) deals, offers and vouchers from Merchants who accept Bitcoin as payment on November 28th (Bitcoin Black Friday). Customers who plan to make purchases on this glorious day can sign up for our newsletter and receive important emails with the newest and best deals, vouchers, news and more from Merchants who will participate this year in 2014 Bitcoin Black Friday. We will never share or use your email for spam!

2014 Bitcoin Black Friday will be HUGE! BitcoinDiscounts features the hottest deals offered by Merchants who accept Bitcoin on November 28th.

Merchants can post their site or individual deals FREE in the form of:

  • Banners (728X90) or
  • MiniSlots: Picture (190X150), Title and Description

We will not add anything on our own, merchants must request and send the required information to info@bitcoindiscoutns.net. They will be posted in the order they were requested so please hurry! Banners don’t have to include a deal or offer, they can be a simple banner with the site but the site MUST offer discounts when paying with bitcoins on Black Friday.

We have a PREMIUM/FEATURED section for 5 Banners and 6 MiniSlots but please note that these are FREE until November 15th. They will be given in the order they are requested!

Premium AD Spaces are valid for 20 days (November 16th – December 5th) An AD Space can be purchased by submitting a bid for it until November 14th. To submit a bid, please send an email to info@bitcoindiscounts.net with the following information:

 - Number and type of slot/slots (Example: One Banner and Three Mini Slots); - The bid for each slot; - *Banner in high definition JPEG or PNG (728X90) - ONLY FOR BANNERS; - *The Picture (190X150), Title and Description - ONLY FOR MINISLOTS; *These can be sent when your ad has been confirmed on November 15th; - Email and Link (for every slot if different); 

 - We will accept only the highest 5 bids for Banner Slots and the highest 6 bids for MiniSlots; You will receive an email confirmation on November 15th if your bid has been accepted; - Payment for bids will be made on November 15th or they will be rejected. - The minimum bid for Banners Slots is 0.5 Bitcoins and 0.2 Bitcoins for MiniSlots; - You will receive an email immediately if one of your bids is lower than 5 (6 in case of MiniSlots) other bids. You can choose to submit a different bid by email; - BIDS must be payed in 24 hours after receiving the email confirmation (during November 15th) that your bid has been accepted or they will be rejected and the following payed bid will be accepted; - You can modify your bid only BEFORE receiving the confirmation/rejection email. You can not modify your bid after November 15th. 

Premium customers will also have the following benefits:

  • Newsletters will feature Premium Merchants first and more often;
  • Detailed daily statistics about traffic (if requested);
  • Coverage in articles, press releases and more.


We will invest roughly $3.000 to promote the site in the following 30 days (proof can be submitted if requested to premium merchants):

 Press releases with the help of BitcoinPRBuzz and other platforms Banner and Text ads with the help of CoinURL Banner and Text ads with the help of OperationFabulous Banners on BitcoinTalk.org Promoted threads on Reddit Email campaigns Google ads (we will purchase keywords like 'bitcoin black friday' a day before November 28th) 

Our team will also make sure that bitcoindiscounts.net is submitted to every bitcoin directory and forum for maximum coverage.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, bug reports, wishes or any other kind of feedback, please let us know. We are planning to make our site as good and useful as possbile with your help. We’ll be monitoring this thread but please feel free to send your comments to info@bitcoindiscounts.net as well.

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