The Bitcoin Game #3 – Joseph VaughnPerling


Welcome to episode number three of The Bitcoin Game. I’m your host, Rob Mitchell. In this episode I talk to Joseph VaughnPerling at his alpaca ranch. We discuss Monero, the Crypto Kingdom game, Bitcoin’s maximum block size proposal, the Bitcoin Specie Project, Sidechains, and a few tangents.

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Show links

Malibu Alpaca Ranch

My first Bitcoin Meetup – June 5, 2013

XBT Card


Crypto Kingdom

Joseph’s Max Block Size Article

Bitcoin Specie

Music in this episode was created by me, or with friends and family. Ganesh Painting Company is the name of one of the jam bands I feature live recordings of regularly. Some of the musicians you’re hearing in the band are Mike Coleman, Rick Marshal, and Michael Goldstein. Feel free to contact me if you want more info about any music you hear on the podcast.

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