Why I have decided to stop buying things with bitcoin


So I was recently finally able to get my hands on some bitcoin due to circle coming out of beta and allowing me to buy bitcoins with my visa debit card. I immediately began spending the small amount of Bitcoin I purchased. I bought myself reddit gold, and bought a couple Humble bundles. While planning my next electronics project (temperature based coloring changing hat) at Adafruit I noticed that they accepted Bitcoin. I thought "cool, I’ll just buy with Bitcoin then", this however quickly changed when I realized it would cost me more money to go debit->Circle->Adafruit then debit->Adafruit.

To me this is a huge problem, I would be fine with paying more money if it got me any added bonuses but it doesn’t. The only advantage I can think of for purchasing with bitcoin is that I don’t have to type my debit card number in, but to me this isn’t worth it. To me this is the greatest problem that Bitcoin faces if it is to become anything major.

Why would the average consumer pay in Bitcoin if they have to pay more in the end?

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