A brief history on Bitcoin Black Friday


After reading this post this morning, I felt like needed to clear the air and inform people what Bitcoin Black Friday is all about.

First off, BitcoinDiscounts is no way affiliated with Bitcoin Black Friday. If you want to participate in the event, all of our deals go live on November 28th and will be listed on http://ift.tt/HXUKZr

We’ve already had two very successful Bitcoin Black Friday events. The first event was in 2012, and was called Bitcoin Friday. I was working with a Bitcoin merchant at the time and was busy planning a deal for Black Friday. I decided that it might be beneficial if I could get multiple Bitcoin merchants to do deals as well, then we could send out group press releases and get some more attention for the use-case of Bitcoin as a currency. Most people were still asking if you could buy anything other than drugs with Bitcoin.

That first year we threw the event a couple weeks before Black Friday so we wouldn’t compete with the heavy news barrages coming from other retailers. We ended up having about 60 merchants participate and got some great news hits.

2013 is when everything got big. We had 10x more merchants, larger companies signing up, it was fantastic. We had thousands of news hits and nationwide coverage.

This year we’re shooting for even bigger.

Now, one thing I want to make clear, this is a community event. Everyone should be able to participate. However, for this event to be successful, it does require deals to be listed or accessible in whole from somewhere. Trying to segregate or shoot off into different lists will only hurt the greater push at getting good press for Bitcoin. From its inception we’ve focused on releasing press information on behalf of all our merchants, splitting up will make it more difficult. I also don’t want the event we throw to be confused with outreach that is not coordinated with us. We have very specific messages we push and we don’t want Bitcoin to come off in a bad light.

Additionally, we don’t focus only on Bitcoiners. This event is trying to be as inclusive as possible. We focus all of our marketing outreach towards news outlets in an effort to educate new people about Bitcoin. Most Bitcoiners know the drill at this point and know what the event is. We rely mostly on word-of-mouth to inform Bitcoiners, which is why I was especially concerned with the misinformation BitcoinDiscounts is putting out.

We’ve put a lot of planning into this year’s event and we want it go off as smoothly as possible. We’re rolling out a lot of new features and already have most of the large merchants on-board. I’m ready for an even bigger 2014 event and I hope you guys are too!

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