I bought a lifetime of clean energy with Bitcoin!


10,000 watts of solar panels – 11 Bitcoins

8,000 watt Radian inverter – 8.3 Bitcoins

16kWh of LiFePO4 batteries – 9 Bitcoins

Various breakers, wires, MPPTs – 5 Bitcoins

Making my own power from the sun for the next 30+ years – priceless.

I was able to buy most of my system components directly in bitcoin at gogreensolar.com. Luckily I bought in this summer when bitcoin prices were higher. For the batteries I used a bitcoin purchasing service. I built my own panel mounting solution and did all the construction myself over the summer. I generate an average of $140/month worth of electricity with this setup at grid rates where I live. Since I’ve got storage I can throw my main breaker and run everything off the solar system.

Coming soon – bitcoin miner based diversion load for when the batteries are full but the sun is still shining.

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from Bitcoin http://ift.tt/1xz3A3p


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