My thoughts on the current hype and potential of changetip/bitcoin. (medium length text)


Hi everyone, I just wanted to write down some hopefully interesing points.

I guess most have seen the hype around changetip last week. I think this is a great thing and want to explain why and how the potential can be tapped. (btw, I am not native english speaking and working with a dictionary… so I hope you can understand everything).

The first and obvious point about changetip of course is that by writing a single comment you can force somebody to look at bitcoin and draw interest. This is great for bringing bitcoin into a broader audience. But of course for that to happen the tipping needs to happen outside of the bitcoin, or "tech" bubble.

And here I want to mention more of a general point. Which goes into the societal impacts. Many of the ways in which bitcoin can back a little "power" back to the user are well known. But I think one aspect is that we also can make journalism a little bit better. Journalism is quite dead online. Only clickbaits, few well-researched articles, it is a shame what one has to read online. But with changetip you can help produce the change you would like to see. Tip good articles (possible for example maybe on twitter). Maybe flattr is known, but it seems not to be succesful in the long run. So an alternative comes up now. I have used flattr, but obviously it does not solve the transaction fee problem. And you cannot tip someone who has not an account. In contrast to changetip where you can tip someone who doesn’t even have an account yet. I am not saying, I am spending all my money on tipping at the moment, but I am trying to support some projects. There is a small project called krautreporter (] ) in Germany where they want to make online journalism not depend on clicks. And I am also thinking about tipping "random" nice people/journalists on twitter. Especially in germany/switzerland since I think bitcoin is running a little bit behind over here.

So these are my short thoughts. I have to leave soon, and it would be great if there would be a nice discussion in here on the potential of changetip or the best ways to use it and magnify its impact.

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