Play Daily Fantasy Sports, payouts locked and secure in the blockchain using multisig.


Cointures DFS

We use multisig addresses to ensure funds are secure and safe in the blockchain.

We unlock payout to the winner and do not have access to funds ourselves. Also, each payout vs result is verifiable on the blockchain, so a big additional deterrent against bad behavior.

Since we do not use Paypal etc to execute, we can charge a small rake – other sites take 10% rake.

For now, it is $0 rake to help spur usage.

Based on user feedback, we have improved the user experience and made it much easier to use.

For now, you create and play a free game on FanDuel but run the payouts on our site, linking it to the FanDuel game.

Based on demand we plan to host a DFS layer ourselves add polish etc. It is a few steps, but you do save the 10% rake.

However, service is fully functional and we have some active early users.

We would like to invite more early users from r/bitcoin who are familiar with bitcoin and DFS to test us out. Small games of .005 btc ($2) each side are available for low stakes testing.

Please send us feedback as we are actively improving the experience: or reply/PM here. Thanks!

Cointures DFS

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