Should we discuss plans to make this weeks Tipping Tuesday as successful as it can be?


I think this post from /u/BashCo is a good starting point for discussion, in particular the part on etiquette;

There’s probably some good etiquette in the dogecoin post which I haven’t reviewed. Here’s some general tipping etiquette to get the most out of your tips. Open to feedback:

  • Add the word ‘private’ to most tips to keep threads tidy.
  • Try to tailor fun custom monikers to the communities you’re tipping in.
  • This isn’t just about collecting tips. It’s about giving tips.
  • Tips of higher value make a much better impression outside of giveaway threads.
  • If somebody clearly does not want to be tipped, do not tip them, even as a joke.
  • Do not engage in drive-by tipping sprees. It really pisses people off and mucks up the works, and is the primary reason why some people have been banned from other subreddits ‘for tipping’.
  • Find original content, share some insight, then leave a tip at the end.

Different communities have different minimum tip standards.

  1. All tip amounts are welcome in /r/ChangeTip, /r/BitTippers, and /r/FreeBits. Go subscribe!
  2. In /r/Bitcoin, we need to aim for at least 100 bits, but preferably $.25 or more.
  3. When tipping anywhere else on reddit, I cannot stress enough how important it is to tip at least $1.00, because any less will almost always leave a bad impression since they’re most likely not accustomed to microtransactions. If you’re not sure how it will be perceived, you can always ask first, and/or use the ‘private’ function.

I would personally like to hear more thoughts on specific YouTube Channels, Twitter Accounts and Subreddits that could have the most impact from thoughtful and reasonably high value ($5-10+?) tips. Also, it would be great if you could spread the word on social media as I dont think we have quite hit viral status yet. Send everyone to /r/FreeBits and in particular this thread.

Feel free to add any other thoughts or concerns.

Happy tipping!

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