Walked into a highstreet shop to sell my broken phone, walked out with bitcoin. Easy.


I broke my phone screen last week and having bought a new one, I went to sell it for parts to the highest bidder. This was CeX, a second hand DVD/Game/electronic device chain in the UK.

I walked in, the guy gave me the price (£22) and asked how I wanted the money (they also do cash and store credit). I said bitcoin and he said he had to get "the bitcoin guy". I was only the second person to buy/sell with bitcoin so they got out the book, but everything went smoothly through their own interface (no bitpay/coinbase).

There was a bit of time wasting to be had, having to read out my address. They didn’t have a QR scanner… I made sure to emphasize to them to make sure the address was right, because if it gets sent somewhere else then it’s not coming back, and that’s why QRs are good. If they were doing this regularly I think they’d quickly see the benefit.

All in all, pretty easy though. I got some coin at market rate minus a 10p fee (according to blockchain.info. Transaction) and we had a chat about how cool it was.

B+, would recommend.

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