Buttcoiners Exposed – Sockpuppetry explained


Fact: Most of the trolls here, at /r/Buttcoin, & in the Coindesk comments are the same 3-5 people; paid to sit there and control the narrative around bitcoin.

I am not making a guess about this. I used to work for the department of the US Air Force that directs these activities. I’d be able to recognize these sockpuppets by their MO (tactics) anyday.

No, this is not a conspiracy theory. "Web Narrative Control" is a very well-funded branch of military operations assigned mainly to the US Air Force, but mostly contracted out to corporations like HBGary. Elections can and have been swayed by these facists controlling what the public knows about public opinion.

Oddly enough, these programs are not even classified. They never were but there is an obvious media hush job on the subject. Despite that, these stories all got out:

So where do they hire these FUDders? Right out in the open, on military contracting boards like this one:

(Note how dry the verbage is, but eventually they get into talking about PSYOPs, renaming them to something that sounds far more mundane.)

Corporations like HBGary that live off the governments’ teet pick these up all day every day and assign these jobs in huge numbers out to cover specific sites and topics. No, there is no fear of being ‘outted.’ One of the links above actually did "out" them for this very act and about 4 people cried foul on their facebook pages. -The consensus is that the public is simply too stupid to see listings like that and understand that it directly relates to their own worldview. For the most part, they are 100% correct.

This is just what warfare is turning into now that everything important is happening online: Armies of sockpuppets, denial of nothing, and the really evil shit hides in plain sight by using big words to describe it. -It’s working very well for them so far.

Back to Buttcoiners:

/r/Buttcoin seems to me to be a "home base" for these traitors. Not everyone there is a paid disinformant of course; there are plenty of fools out there who have been whipped up into a frenzy against bitcoin by the liberal press and universities against freedom concepts like sound money and free markets. So a few of these idiots are likely sincere in their hatred for bitcoin and the freedom it represents.

Buttcoin wasn’t started by those folks; they almost certainly joined sometime later.

Clearly /r/bitcoin and related boards are rife with Buttcoiners, and it is obvious to the trained eye how to tell the ones that are just trolling a bit from those in no-holds-barred, full-on FUD mode. The ‘tell’ is that the sincere idiots are willing to listen and argue back based on your sentiment. Paid FUDders however follow a script and generally are not thinking for themselves.

On Coindesk.com there are three perfect examples of this right now; Disqus users: darl, arguss, and Harley Strictly. I believe all 3 are actually the same person, sitting at a desk in Arlington VA, contracted out specifically at HBGary to sway your opinion of Bitcoin. -Or more precisely: to make it appear to you that the public is much more pessimistic towards bitcoin than it really is, so that you will get discouraged and be less likely to help adoption.

I can only speculate why the US government wants to do this… Clearly it’s not to benefit you and I though. This demonstrates, once again, the problem that Eisenhower warned us all about; once you build a big gun, someone is going to use that gun. We are literally talking about the propaganda branch of the Military Industrial Complex here; it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it would get used against other threats to those in charge besides the threat of international terrorism.

If our movement was a violent revolution, today is the day that we should throw ropes over the tree limbs and string these traitors to humanity up. They would deserve every last painful twitch.

But as much as their charter is to search for and identify violent opposition; we won’t be giving them the pleasure… A proper response is to DOX these assholes and put their department out of business through decentralizing their entire industry. Yes, even the USAF is not beyond the threat of decentralization. Nothing mankind makes is.

I do feel sorry for the dimwitted liberal/progressives on /r/buttcoin that have no clue that they are simply being suckered in to do work against their fellow human beings. In a violent revolution they too would be hung until they stop twitching. Hopefully humanity has evolved enough that this time we can take it easy on these harmful but largely duped patsies.

To those from /r/Buttcoin that are not paid to FUD the world, I say this plainly: You are being used to destroy human freedom. There is ample evidence of this. Check out my links above and then get to really understand the original bitcoin whitepaper that Satoshi wrote. It is the best weapon against totalitarianism mankind has ever come up with.

To those from HBGary and the USAF propaganda wing, to you I say that you are on the (very) wrong side of history. You are basically the modern day Nazi soldier, or at least the Redcoats of the american revolution. Schoolchildren for centuries to come will be talking about YOU as the great evil that fought against humanity’s largest stand for freedom. But this time, the revolution is going to let you live to suffer the emotional scarring of this utter, soul-crushing defeat.

Your only hope to avoid the inevitible suicidal tendencies that comes with your job is to pull a Snowden and join us. Think about it.

One last thing: I will not be returning to log into this account ever again, for obvious reasons, so do not changetip me! If you feel this was valuable information, please show appreciation by sending OpenBazaar your bitlove… Send bitcoin to the project’s official wallet or Changetip either haffmabc, drwasho, or CC_EF_JTF from /r/OpenBazaar – They need your funds right now to fight this problem at its root.

Peace, Love, & Bitcoin to all.

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