Record label owner looks to sell music for Bitcoin


Hello Guys I am a music producer and label owner from Denmark, and have for some time been looking at ways to sell my music using Bitcoin.

I own a small label called Holy Mountain Records, and i usually release Hiphop / Electronic music. My primary artists are called Sharoom & Sanctus (Two rappers) and i also sign different other artists. (Isabelle Street, Camino, Mictator and some others)

What will the best way be for me to sell music for Bitcoins? Are there any existing services that will let me do that, or do i need to make my own webshop and integrate BTC payments.

Hope that you have some good advice.

Here is my latest release for free. The track is a ‘summer/ibiza style track’ and the .zip bundle includes an Acapella and an instrumental aswell. (For DJ’s & Producers)

You can also look up some of my other tracks on Spotify by searching ‘Sharoom & Sanctus’ & by finding us on

(If you are into ‘dirty’ tracks, you can look up ‘Sharoom & Sanctus – GAG GAG’ on Spotify)


Thanks for the link, @xdrpx! It looks like an awesome service. I’ve already included the service with my Facebook fan page:

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