Swarm #1: Solomon Lederer’s Coinspace Project


I got to meet Solomon Lederer for the first time at Palo Alto, CA. He stand over 6 feet and peered down over everyone else at the Swarm Nest (Swarm’s co-living space), but he has been kind to all those under his shadow. I saw him do several dry runs of his presentation, and watched the live event where he communicated his vision and fielded questions about his project called Coinspace where Lederer plans to convert an empty warehouse to a booming meeting place for Bitcoiners around the world. Ruben Alexander: Why do you think Coinspace is important for NYC? Solomon Lederer: It’s important for every large city to have a destination focused on bitcoin, especially if they what to be a […]

from Bitcoin Magazine http://ift.tt/11cRMdf


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