“Contact bitcoin, and give them the [7-digit] activation code”.


I wanted to test out one of the terminals in Ukraine which apparently started selling Bitcoins recently (http://ift.tt/1lRp97z).

FYI: Networks of terminals are widely used to pay phone bills, and make bank deposits.

After typing a phone number and putting in a few dollars worth of Ukrainian money, I received a piece of paper.

There’s a lot of information on it, but nothing resembling a private bitcoin key. There is a 7-digit alpha numeric "activation code."

When I called the bank offering this service, they said to "Contact bitcoin and give them the activation code." She was absolutely, emphatically certain that the bank couldn’t help me any further.

So please tell me, Bitcoin, what do I do with this code?

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from Bitcoin http://ift.tt/1xsqMBd


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