Will someone please help me understand Electrum. I have a question regarding the 12 word seed.


I’d really appreciate your help. Thank you.

Essentially, how is this 12 word seed "secure" when the list of 1600 or so words is public information? Wouldn’t this make it easier for a thief to build a "hacking script" that just went through each combination 1 by 1 really fast?

A. Is it merely hard for humans to recognize the vastness of possible seed combinations?

B. I’ve heard Electrum implements "key stretching" but what does that mean in simple terms?

C. Say you had a 12 word seed. And let’s pretend electrum let you change that seed anyway you see fit. Wouldn’t the seed be a TON more secure if you could just change one letter to an exclamation mark, thus making it where the "hacker" is in a much tougher spot because the 1600 Electrum list doesn’t cover all of the possibilities?

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