I pledge 40,000 Bits for whoever submits the funniest original image with the words BITCOIN GALORE! by noon of November 17th EST.


I’m doing this in the spirit of this post on Bitcointalk four years ago, which did the exact same thing, but with a 40,000,000 Bits bounty. THIS was the winner of that contest.

Around November of 2010, close to the time of that posting, 1 BTC was worth almost 0.50 USD. At the time of this posting, 1 BTC is worth $440 USD, so even though Im giving away 1000 times less than OP, Bitcoin price is now 1000 times higher than it was 4 years ago, so it will be roughly the same amount of USD.

As a bonus, I’m giving out 4000 bits each to the top 10 quality contributions as well 🙂


Disclaimer: I’m one of the founders of a Bitcoin startup out of the Philippines.

submitted by Godfreee
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from Bitcoin http://ift.tt/10YQzFc


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