The $1,000,000 tell…


Here’s the "million dollar" tell, as plain and clear as it will ever be: @28:52 "There are very unique tough challenges for law enforcement when it comes to virtual currencies. I gave the example of, it’s very hard to transport $1,000,000 in hard currency overseas. You can’t just put it in a backpack and get on a plane very easily."

Notice the use of the term "law enforcement" is liberal. Tacitly implying actual illegal activities that would require movement of money "overseas", to get the listener to conveniently envision terrorism or drug trade, when in fact their real worry is about enforcement of containment of U.S. citizens and the wealth that "they didn’t build."

It is plain to see this is the primary concern of regulators and other statists when it comes to bitcoin. This is also IMO the real reason for the TSA and pat downs. Our government is very concerned about emigration and "wealth leakage."

FATCA, tightening cash deposit and withdrawal controls at banks, and of course all discussion of draconian bitcoin legislation tell the same story. This is the losing battle regulators and "leaders" are fighting.

They are protecting their vig, their system of corruption, their confiscation of production all the while claiming they are trying to protect the consumer while fleecing them. This is the heart of the scam. I hope we can get this message out to more people as many seem blind to the true intentions of centralized power.

The good news, just like with bittorrent they will lose. Chalk another one up for technology begetting liberty. Next hurdle, the unstoppable, un-switch-offable citizen mesh-net. I have a feeling we are going to need it soon.

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