About Us


Bitcoin Union, a student organization at the University of South Florida, is on a mission to spread local Bitcoin awareness and adoption in the Tampa Bay Area. We are at our infancy, but we are taking off this semester! Bitcoin Union will be multi-functional! It will not only act as a Bitcoin news outlet, but also a Bitcoin education center, as well as a Bitcoin integrator. Thus, Bitcoin Union came into fruition. We aggregate article from across the web. We feel it is important to educate the public in order to achieve mass adoption, so we plan to host workshops and conferences of our own.

Plan of Action

  1. Represent Bitcoin Union every Wednesday at the Bulls Market.
  2. Centralize bitcoin articles into one central blog.
  3. Create Bitcoin 101 lesson plan via online resources.
  4. Teach students and community members on the benefits of Bitcoin.
  5. Pass out paper wallets with a pre-determined amount to generate interest.
  6. Host Bitcoin meetups and meetings.
  7. Promote local business and charity Bitcoin adoption.
  8. Add new Bitcoin merchants to a directory.
  9. Place a BTC ATM in the Marshall Student Center.
  10. Have U.S.F. accept Bitcoins as alternative payment in exchange for tuition.
  11. Make a Bitcoin Scholarship.
  12. Engineer an up-to-date, profitable mining rig.
  13. Become an local and/or online exchange.
  14. Organize conferences, expos, and conventions.
  15. Brainstorm and Incubate innovative Bitcoin ideas, technologies, and applications.
  16. Develop a Bitcoin App, with cloud printing capabilities.

Our founder Alberto Jauregui has been working on launching a Bitcoin start-up company focusing in the micropayment industry. Besides that, he sees the potential of Bitcoin Union to evolve outside the boundaries of a student organization, and eventually into a separate entity. A Bitcoin Credit Union or a Bitcoin Public Relations Firm, maybe even a Bitcoin Education Center. Possibility all three! We plan to enter the market in the Tampa Bay Region, and stimulate the local economy.

Connect with us:

Facebook Page: Bitcoin Union

Facebook USF Private Group: Bitcoin Union (must have USF email domain)

Facebook Public Group: Coming soon

Twitter: @CryptoJauregui 

Linkedin: Alberto Jauregui

Our Bitcoin Union QR code is below, help us get started!

Bitcoin Union







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